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Since 2004, WonderDoc has been developing efficient and innovative ways to manage electronic health records. Built by chiropractors for chiropractors, WonderDoc’s system uses powerful tools to automate and integrate patient and practice management. Over 10 years of research, 5 years of development, and three years of testing, have been invested in creating the WonderDoc software system.

Many systems on the market today were originally designed as billing systems and later retrofitted EHR functionality. This is not a seamless process, leading to either functional inefficiencies and/or data instability. By focusing on a “SOAP Note Centric” system as the foundation for all other practice management functions, WonderDoc has created a more efficient, and reliable system.

On October 17th, 2013, WonderDoc became the first 2014 chiropractic certified EHR by the DrummondGroup, an ONC-ACB.

WonderDoc provides simplified solutions to EHR and practice management at an affordable price. The company pledges to offer the “personal touch” in customer care and will guarantee complete satisfaction with their 60 day complete refund.